Conquest #5

I actually did this conquest a while back, but I never got around to posting a conquest, so I decided to do it now, based on memories of whatever I consumed..

The restaurant of choice was called Bamboo Pho Springroll. I went to the restaurant with Shaun of course, and Olivia. The restaurant had no Asians, except for the host/waiter and me.. The host that showed us the table was actually my brother’s friend, which was sort of weird. It was also surprising that the owner of the restaurant was a white man, but then, it all made sense. LOL.

I ordered a Vegetable Eggroll (Cha Gio Chay) and a Sprite. The vegetable eggrolls were basically five small eggrolls, or the size of approximately two large eggrolls for the price of four dollars. And on the side note, they have a happy hour sort of thing, but with food, where if you purchase one appetizer, you can get another appetizer for half of the bill. The waitress who took our order was white, and the way she pronounced vermicelli was really off setting and irritated me, but that was about the only annoying thing about her.

The eggrolls were so oily and deep fried it was disgusting. I have never in my life, tasted eggrolls of that degree. The sauce that was served with it was the most off setting sauce I have ever laid my eyes on. Instead of serving fish sauce or that sweetish tangy sauce Vietnamese restaurants serve, the people that fucking made the meal put sweet and sour sauce as a dip. After the second dip, I had to steal my friend’s soy sauce thing that came with her Pot Stickers. After using the sauce, the eggrolls tasted slightly better. 

The owner then came around and asked about how the food tasted. He then decided to ask me personally, how the sauce tasted. I lied and had to say that it was okay, because I felt awkward with that question and me using the pot sticker’s dipping sauce. 

I don’t quite remember the amount I had to pay, but it was under ten dollars of course. Would I ever go back to the restaurant? I would if I wanted to watch a football up on the projector, or sit at the bar, but unfortunately, not for the food.

Bamboo Pho Springroll     -     3330 Matlock, Suite 102    -    Arlington, Texas 76015   -   Tel. 8174655746


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